1.  Clarkson Family Practice will offer    Covid 19 vaccinations

from the week of  12 th April 2021. It is free, voluntary  and the visit is bulk-billed .


2. We will receive 50 doses per week and will first offer them to    patients older than 70 years  and patients with high risk chronic illnesses,    front-line health and aged care workers, police, firemen and meat workers.    No one under 18 years of age will receive the vaccine . 

3. A gap of 14  days is recommended between  the  Covid vaccine and a  Flu vaccine

4.There will be 15 to 30 minute wait in the surgery after the vaccination to monitor for any immediate reactions. 

5. All side effects except the very common  ones need to be reported . A table with the common ones is on PDF file below. Click on it to see it .  Reporting needs to be to 

 West Australian  Vaccine Safety  Surveillance  click on link below 


then   follow the instructions to register yourself and report the side effects 

Read the  instructions on how to report on the  West Australian  Vaccine Safety  Surveillance   home page  - it is under   the heading  "To report an AEFI"  There is a detailed guide here you can open by clicking on it's link    in this section. 


To Report an AEFI


Questions about Covid-19 vaccinations and safety -  Please look at the following especially the last  two Youtube videos:  



These Websites gives you up to date information on the virus  and vaccination:  




Who will get the vaccines first ? : 


Ethical dilemma voiced by many Christians over the cell lines used in vaccine production. I think this article gives a responsible and balanced view :