Medicare makes regular changes to their rules and regulations. 

I will post these here for your information. 


I will post the dates when the practice will be closed . 


Important up-to date information with dates on epidemics and changes in vaccination policies , recommendations by Medicare  to be posted. 

Important notices about changes in the practice policies to be posted here. 

If you suspect that you may have Corona Virus: please telephone and speak to the receptionist. Testing will be limited to individuals with known contacts or those who travelled internationally 14 days before feeling ill and is best done at one of the Covid Clinics. Joondalup Hospital or Mindarie Respiratory Clinic. 


If you fulfil any of the Covid 19 symptom criteria  please go to a Covid clinic to be tested. 

Do not just come in please. 

Rapid tests have not been validated in Australia and the press will make people aware when they do become available. 


Patients to stay in self-isolation once tested, until  a negative result is confirmed. 

Please make sure that you get an Influenza vaccination in 2020. It may complicate the pandemic if people are not vaccinated


Skin care blog well worth reading: the information is scientific and advice is sound: