Medicare makes regular changes to their rules and regulations. 

I will post these here for your information. 


I will post the dates when the practice will be closed . 


Important up-to date information with dates on epidemics and changes in vaccination policies , recommendations by Medicare  to be posted. 

Important notices about changes in the practice policies to be posted here. 

Skin care blog well worth reading: the information is scientific and the advice is sound:

Figures published experts now predict 4000 deaths are likely to happen from influenza in Australia in 2019. 

This is not limited to the elderly, infirm or otherwise vulnerable 

- it will affect all age groups. 

If you can get a vaccine anywhere please have it and let the practice know so that it may be recorded on your file. The influenza A virus H1N1 , which we still vaccinate against was responsible for millions of deaths from 1919 to 1924.


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